Can You Drown In A Life Jacket – The Ultimate Guide

A life jacket is designed basically to save lives. It is a device that can be used in places where there is a need for you to keep your head above the water. It prevents drowning and with several debates on the topic can you drown in a life jacket.

Should you rely so much on a life jacket to save you? Can life jacket keep you safe from drowning, has there been any occurrences or new on those who lost their lives due to wearing a life vest? This is all that this post will give answers to.

Can you drown in a life jacket

Can you drown in a life jacket?

The answer to that is yes. Do not join the multitude to believe that one can not drown with a life jacket. I have heard of a disastrous issue that happens recently on the news where some people lost their lives as a result of boat capsize, and the disheartening part is that most of them have their life jacket on them.

It is possible for a person to lose his/her life by drowning in the sea even when they have a life jacket with them. Many things can happen that could lead to that which I will discuss in this post with you.

Using the wrong size of life jacket

A lot of people are less concerned with the size of the life jacket they are given and then go ahead to wear it with the mindset that it is a life-saving device. Of course, it is a life-saving device, but you have to get the right size to ensure you are safe if unplanned occurrences occur.

There are different sizes of buoyancy that comes with a life jacket. You should look out for that on the device and ensure it has the capacity to keep you floating. Never should you wear a life jacket that is too big for you. Once you realize that it doesn’t give a snug fit and it has space all around you, you should overlook.

Wearing a life jacket that is big can result is a casualty for the wearer. For instance. I did a trial on different life jacket recently, and the results are convincing. The first was to wear a life jacket that is fitted and then I jumped into the pool.

I got suspended on the water as the jacket push the upper part of my body up with my head above the water. I had no reason to struggle with the jacket or water as I was having fun in it. The second trial was with a bigger life jacket.

I wore the jacket and jumped into the pool. The water pushed the jacket off me, and I began to struggle to bring it down. It was more like a struggle for survival because the life jacket can easily get off me. The experiment makes it easier for me to accept that one can easily drown in the water even with a life jacket but with the wrong size.

Punctured or damaged life jacket

Proper maintenance ensures that life jacket lasts longer. It is important that you take good care of your life jacket and never be careless with it. There are many things that could hinder or cut short the life span of your life jacket and one of them is not taking proper care of it.

One true-life story about a near-drowning case of my cousin keeps flashing through my memory while writing this. I took them to the pool as that is what we do every Friday evening because Saturday is another day for football.

As usual, I do inflate their life vest and put it on them, so once they get to the pool, they jump into it, and I have less worry because I was ever sure they would be safe. I mean they will always float and move around in the pool while they have the life vest on them.

This day was different. The younger one was so excited we will be going to the pool. So, I brought out their life vest as usual and inflated it. I placed it on them, and we head out to the pool. On getting there, they pull off their short, and the eldest jumped into the pool as usual.

I saw him float and the younger one was still battling with removing his short and then finally he jumped into the pool to have fun. I was expecting him to float and he wasn’t. I was shocked, and with my clothes on me with some gadgets, I threw the gadgets away and dived into the pool.

I reached out to him, and I brought him out. As expected, he had taken some amount of water in his lungs, and I had to press his stomach to ensure he is fine, as seen in movies. He was okay after some minutes, and then I had to find out why he got drowned.

It was then I realized he must have got his life vest punctured while passing through the trees beside the pool. I noticed the jacket was punctured and unknown to anyone, he went into the pool that way, and there was nothing in the jacket to make it float. This is one other reason why you can drown with a life jacket.

Not certified or expired

Another reason you can drown with a life jacket is when you are using a jacket that is not certified for safety. Also, you should never use a wear or tear jacket. It can also lead to drowning because it must have lost its potency to keep you floating.


Can you drown in a life jacket? This post gives an answer to this query, and I really hope you get to understand with some life experiences I shared in the post above. There are reasons one can drown in the water, and some have been listed above for you.

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