Life Jacket Myths That Can Kill You

Wearing a life jacket is very important if you have anything to do with water. Irrespective of the level of the water, once it can cover your head, you need a life jacket or a floating device to keep you head up from the water.

It is not an optional kit but very important. The rate at which people lose their lives as a result of not using a life jacket is demeaning and that has not stopped people from going through the sea with a life jacket.

Here are some life jacket myths or facts you should know

I’m a good swimmer and I don’t need a life jacket

The larger numbers of people that lost their lives due to drowning are those that know how to swim. There are some occurrences that are far way beyond your capacity to swim to survive. Some demands the use of a floating device or life jacket.

Do not rely on your skills too much when you are dealing with water. A life experience from my end. I was in the pool and all of a sudden, I had muscle pull and I couldn’t move in the pool, I was struggling to keep my head out of the water. Luck was on my side as I was able to get hold of a tubing device and that kept me floating. I would never have panic if I had my life jacket with me.

Life Jacket Myths That Can Kill You

Having a life jacket in the boat is not necessary

If you ever have to travel or go through the sea with a boat and you are told you do not need a life jacket, you should opt-out. Never should you accept the offer of no life jacket on a boat. That reminds me of the day we went to a beach party.

Ongoing back home, we were told a boat is available but it has no life jacket. Some people went straight into it but I withdrew because I know if anything happens on the sea no one will be able to survive. This is the reason I choose not to go with the boat and join the one with a life jacket.

It is not an option but a necessity. You should always request a life jacket if you are going to a place through boat. The weather might get unstable and there might be turbulence which you never planned for. It is the life jacket that will keep you safe on the off chance you fell into the sea.

Life jacket is bulky and uncomfortable to wear

This is an erroneous thought or belief that has cost some people their lives. Some people believe that life jacket is heavy and so they choose to do away with it whenever they get to do things that deal with water. The life jacket is very important and the truth is that they are never bulky or uncomfortable to wear.

I have worn different types of life jacket and none is as heavy as you could ever think it is. So do not be deceived to go on the sea without a life jacket because you feel it will be too hot, bulky or uncomfortable on you.

Life jacket makes movement harder

Don’t be ever fooled that wearing a life jacket will make movement difficult. It is far from being true. A life jacket is lightweight floating devices and so they make movement easier for anyone. Don’t excuse yourself from the use of a life jacket because you feel or you were told it is heavy and restrict movement.

If you feel the life jacket you own or you are given is too heavy for you, you should replace to get a perfect fit size. It is never advisable that you wear a life jacket for kids that is bulky or too heavy. One of the reasons you could find yourself in such a situation is when you get the wrong size.

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It can’t happen to me

Another mistake most people make is that they trust in their skills and power. Larger number of people who drown and lost their lives are those who believe they can never drown. I witnessed one and it was devastating.

The boy jumped into the pool and was doing fine in the areas where his head was above the water, he saw others moving to the shallow part and he makes the move to swim to that area and that was how the rest became history.

Life jacket is only useful during bad weather

This is not true. You are not a weather forecaster to know when and when not, the weather is going to be good. I have once experienced a near boat casualty. While going to the beach all was fine as we enjoy the cruise while the boat was beating against the water.

But while coming back, the weather was bad, the tide was against us and it was as though the boat will capsize and sink. We were at peace all because we have our life jacket on us but with that, we were still afraid. A life jacket is ideal for all season and not when the weather is bad.

Adults don’t need a life jacket

The use of life jacket is for all. It is not for kids alone. There are different sizes of a life jacket. Some are designed for adults and some for kids. If you are an adult and you do not know how to swim, you should use a life jacket. If your movement is through the sea, you should use a life jacket even if you know how to swim.

Life jacket is only required in deep water

Don’t be fooled that life jacket application is only usable in deep water condition. That is far from being true. If you find yourself in the part where you can’t keep your head above the water, it is a clear sign that you need to make use of a life jacket.


This post on Life Jacket Myths that can kill is just a means to open your eyes to some mistakes some people make that cost them their lives.

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