What Causes A PFD To Wear Out Over Time?

Just in case you are wondering what pdf means, it is the abbreviation for the personal floating device. So, our focus on this post will be on what causes a PFD to wear out over time. It is normal for a device been used consistently to wear out over time, but there is more to it.

There are some maintenance mistakes that most people find themselves doing with their pdf, and that lead to the wear out of the device. Every personal floating device comes with its instruction, lifespan and some other information you need to know.

What is a personal floating device?

From the name itself, it is a life-saving device that can be used by a person to keep a floating state in the water. It is a device that provides buoyancy to keep your head above the water. It is being used by naval officers, swimmers, wakeboarders, surfers, hunting and many more that have to go through deep water.

Once you have the device on you, it has the propensity to keep you floating on the off chance you find yourself in the water due to any unplanned occurrences.

What Causes A PFD To Wear Out Over Time
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Why is a personal floating device important?

Saves lives

This is not a device that you should wear anytime. It is designed for a certain purpose, and that is to keep you floating in the water. This can be seen among those who are just learning how to swim, marine rescue team and many more that have to do with water.

Over the years, the death rate as a result of drowning in the USA is alarming, and the same from other parts of the world where there are oceans and seas. Stat shows that those who lost their lives during casualty on the sea are those who do not have their pdf on them.

That shows how important it is for everyone sojourning though the water to own a personal floating device.

Enhances your swimming training

If you want to start learning how to swim, one of the kits you should get yourself is the personal floating device. Swimming is fun and exciting, but one can lose his/her life if you ever jump into the pool without a life jacket and you do not know how to swim.

Many people have lost their lives as a result of swimming without a personal floating device. If you ever want to learn how to swim, you should own a pdf or get one from the swimming center. A floating swimming device makes it easier for a novice to perform like an expert.

It will make it easy for you to move around in the pool even to the deepest part of the pool as the floating device will keep you floating and prevent you from drowning.

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What are the reasons personal floating device wear out?

This question is similar to saying what the things that shorten the lifespan of a personal floating device are. There are many things you do that can lead to the short life span of your personal floating device. Let’s check some of the things to help you avoid doing them.


Most people make the mistake of mishandling their personal floating devices. And you should never do such. I once heard someone say it is very important that one take good care of floating devices just as one takes care of oneself.

One of the factors that makes a personal floating device to wear and tear easily is the way you choose to handle it. Recently, in the western part of Nigeria, it was said that many people lost their lives as a result of ship capsizing. The issue is not with bad occurrence, but the alarming part is that most people who had a floating device on lost their lives.

The floating device could not keep their heads up the water because most of them are worn out, and boarders are not aware of that. I witnessed one myself as I went to the beach with friends and we had to go through the sea.

I saw where they packed the life jacket as it’s been called, and I realized it has to be less dependent on the floating device. Those devices could have maintained the proper condition and last longer if they had been handled in the right way.

You have less to do with a floating device that is not owned by you. But for the ones that are personal to you, you have all in your capacity to expand the lifespan of the floating device by handling it in the right way.


Another important factor that you should consider with expanding the lifespan of your personal floating device is the aspect of cleaning. After every use of your floating device, you should see it as a task to clean. Get soapy water with a soft surface brush to wash the dirt off your floating device.

Over time, studies show that any devices that are properly cared for the last longer compared to those who are handled with no care. Make it a duty to wash it with water, drain it and also clean with a neat towel before storage.


The next thing you ought to consider is the storage of the floating device. You need to find a secure place to store your personal floating device. It makes it easier for you to reach out to it whenever you are in need of it. Do not store among objects that could damage it.


How often do you use the floating device? The level at which you use it will determine its lifespan. Also, you must be careful and be cautious of your movement whenever you have the personal floating device on. My niece, while preparing for one of his swimming training mistakenly got his floating device pierced by a wooden piece and that put an end to his swimming training for the day.


We hope the points in this post on what causes a PFD to wear out over time will help you avoid some mistakes and then help you in making the right decision in increasing the lifespan of your personal floating device.

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