When Should You Wear A Life Jacket?

There has been a debate on when is the best time for someone to wear life jacket. A life jacket isn’t a device that you can wear around just like your clothes. However, there are certain moments you should wear a life jacket and this post on when should you wear a life jacket will give the perfect solution.

Life jackets are a device designed to be used in cases where one’s life is under a death threat. We have heard several reasons why some people choose not to use a life jacket and that act cost them their lives. To cut the whole story short, there are places that life jacket is required.

The use of a life jacket is not optional in some cases and that is what we are about to share with you. Failure to use life jacket in those listed sectors below, means you have a higher tendency to lose your life.

When should you wear a life jacket

When should you wear a life jacket?


Swimming can occur in any place where you have a large volume of water. In past years people do go to stream, rivers, and beach to swim and in this modern age, the visit to streams and rivers have reduced as innovation brings into existence that which is called pool.

A swimming pool is a wonderful place to relax and have fun but it has the tendency to cost one his/her life. Drinking alcohol to swim, seizure in the pool, not knowing how to swim are some reasons for the loss of life in the pool.

It is the reason it is very important that you have a life jacket whenever you want to swim. You can always swim comfortably in the pool without a lifesaver around you once you have your life jacket on you. The life jacket can keep you floating on the water without drowning.

You can move freely from the smallest part of the pool to the deep part knowing fully well that nothing is ever going to go wrong with you. One of the best ways to learn how to swim is through the use of a life jacket.

Traveling on the sea

There are different means of transportation and the sea is one of them. People travel from one country to another, import and export goods, and many more. Some countries are surrounded by water in which their major means of transportation is through the sea.

That requires going through ship, boat or canoe. Whichever, you decide to travel with, you should always have your life jacket with you. There are cases reported of people who lost their lives as a result of turbulence on the sea and the ship has to capsize.

There are some too that lost their lives as a result of technical issues with the boat and the rest became history. Many people have lost their lives due to drowning which could have been reduced or averted if they have taken their life jacket along with them.

You should never overlook the importance of using a life jacket whenever you are traveling through the sea. You should ask for one if you are not given it. There are lives that could have been saved if life jacket had been used and you can get to understand that if you ever watch the movie titled titanic.


Fishing is one of the oldest professions. Some take fishing as fun and some see it as a profession. It is the act of going on the sea, river or ocean, searching for fishes. In the part of where I come from, the western part in Nigeria, fishing is well known.

Here, you get to see both kids and adults get involved in fishing which shows how important it is for some people to survive. It is the means of survival to some. The disheartening part of it is that most of them that go fishing do fail to make use of life jackets.

You could see some go on the sea without clothes and they are confident that no casualty will occur. This kind of self-belief has led to the loss of life for some people. It is why the government have ordered for the use of life jacket for fishing.

Fishing takes place during the late hour of the day and that is the time there is an increase in tides of the sea and that will make the ship or boat become unstable. If anything, happen such as capsize or turbulence that could lead to been thrown into the water, a life jacket will be the savior of the day.


Kayaking is a low impact activity that can improve one’s aerobic fitness, flexibility, and strength. It has amazing benefits such as improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing muscle strength, improving the strength of the arms, shoulder, and chest as a result of moving the paddle.

It is a game or sport that involves the use of kayak or low to the water canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, the legs in front and using a double-bladed paddle to pull front and back to move the kayak.

The sport is fun but as it has its benefit so it has its disadvantages if you do not use the necessary gear. One of the important lives saving gear that is important for kayaking is the life jacket. Anyone who is participating in this port must use a life jacket.

The kayak is always close to the water and one can easily fall off even when not planned for. A life jacket will keep the person floating on the water and eliminate any chance of getting drown in the water. It shows how important it is for kayaking.


Another one is wakeboarding that involves the use of moving wakeboards over the sea tide or waves. One can easily lose control or balance and fall off and, in such a situation, you only need a life jacket to bring you back up.


This post on when should you wear a life jacket has answered your question and those listed above are some of the events or conditions that warrant the use of a life jacket.

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